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Are you looking for an effective way to
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WebExam is the perfect solution!  With this web site you can create and administer your own examinations online.  All you need is a standard internet browser.  There is no complicated software to purchase, nothing to download or install.

It is just as easy for those
who are being tested.

Your exams are presented to applicants online using a standard internet browser. Examinations can be taken at any location with public internet access.

Designed with the proctor in mind...

If your organization issues certifications, you may require that examinations be administered under the supervision of a proctor.  The WebExam site has several unique features to facilitate this process:


WebExam creates password-protected certificates that entitle an applicant to take an examination


WebExam composes and sends customized invitations (with detailed instructions) to the email address of the designated proctor.


When the last answer is submitted, WebExam automatically scores and sends test results to the administrator.  Nothing further is required of the proctor.

WebExam helps to preserve session integrity

When exams are taken online, the integrity of the session is somewhat at the mercy of the internet connection.  What happens if the connection is lost?  Is the connection being broken intentionally to gain an unfair advantage? What protections are in place to prevent cheating?

Standard features of the WebExam site address these important issues:



The internet connection is accidentally lost during the exam

Our server saves everything entered by the applicant up to the point of lost connection.  Simply repeat the login and the exam picks up where it left off.

The internet connection is intentionally broken to “buy time”

The server reports the number of session interruptions along with the test score.  The administrator determines if the frequency of interruption warrants disqualification.

The applicant generates an answer key to improperly distribute to others

Exams are created from a larger pool of questions so no two exams are identical.  The order in which questions are presented is always randomized, further differentiating one exam from another.

The applicant looks up the answer somewhere else before submitting a response

Proctoring the exam is the best protection against this possibility. However, the administrator can assign time limits on each question which limits the opportunity to use outside resources.

When the exam is completed, the WebExam server generates a Microsoft Word® document summarizing the score, session statistics and each question and answer that was presented to the applicant.  Both correct and incorrect responses are highlighted. The document is automatically sent to the administrator by email as a permanent record of the graded examination.

Try out the WebExam site
at absolutely NO COST!

That’s right!  You can obtain an account and start administrating exams online without spending a nickel.  To create a WebExam site account, here is what you do:

  1. Click on the New Accounts link
  2. Provide the information that is requested on the form and click Submit
  3. The WebExam server will create a site for you.  The site profile will already have a sample exam and certificate
  4. You will receive a confirmation email summarizing your login information.
  5. Acting as proctor, you will receive another email with an invitation to administer the sample exam to a fictitious student.
  6. Follow the instructions to deploy the exam.  You will see how our testing process works and how simple it really is!
  7. As administrator, you will receive an email with the graded exam.

As a bonus, you also get
5 blank certificates -- a $25 value

Blank certificates allow you to invite applicants to take exams using the WebExam server. You can set up your own examination and use the certificates to test drive the WebExam service.

If you choose to utilize the WebExam site for your testing needs, you can purchase additional blank certificates online as you need them.  Please click here for information on pricing.

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